Student Information Q&A

Essential Nails Courses are now supported by Beauty Training International Ltd. Existing students and graduates are not affected by this change, you will be fully supported through to assessment and certification. Here are the answers to questions you’ve been asking us recently.

Q. I’m doing an essential nails course, but have not had time to complete it. I’ve seen on face book that there is a cut-off date to complete the courses. What is this date?
A. For existing students, there continues to be no time limit. Complete the course in your own time and send in your work for assessment when you are ready.

Q. Will I be able to buy tools and products as I learn, and after I’ve graduated? 
A. Yes, please use the new website to purchase the items you need. You will find the products you are most likely to need for your course under the 'Vital Supplies' drop down: Nail Trainer Nails (refit packs), tips, glues, basic Gels and Acrylics.

Q. Will I be able to use my existing account on the new website?
A. No. Due to GDPR rules, we can’t transfer your account. Please make a new account on the Student Support website. We do hold your student and graduate records for reference.

Q. Will my ‘Aspire’ discount still be valid for my new account?
A. Yes, but the discount rate is reduced from 20% to 10%. Please create a new account for yourself, and if you are an Aspire member, send us an email to , with the subject line “apply my Aspire discount”. Include your post code and address in your email. Give us a couple of hours to update your account, then you'll then enjoy an automatic 10% discount on everything you purchase via the website. The discount is applied at the shopping cart check-out. 

Q. How do I join Aspire to get my 10% discount?
A. You have to have passed one of our courses. This entitles you to join Aspire. Simply send us an email with the subject line "apply my Aspire discount", include your details. We'll check your course graduation, and as long as you have passed one of our courses, we'll switch your account over to Aspire.

Q. I’ve accrued ‘Smile’ points on my old account. Can I spend these in the new website?
A. No, these cannot be carried across into your new account. Sorry.

Q. I’ve completed a couple of EN courses, and need to do a couple more to complete my skill set, such as the maintenance course and nail art. Will these courses be available?  If so, when?
A. Yes. Initially we will offer additional courses to existing students. These should be available in the summer.
We cannot supply courses to new students at the moment. 

Q. What are the channels for student support going forward?
A. Keeping track of student questions, comment and enquiries via Livechat, Facebook, Twitter, Email, WhatsApp and telephone had become an impossible task at ENP.
So we are going to restrict it to email and telephone from now on. If you have questions on any aspect of your course or the tools and products then send us an email to
Or call us on 01 440 820 999. We will be live on the phones, and respond to emails within 2 hours, Mondays to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Q. Can I still get Gelaze?
A. Yes, although we are retiring some of the less popular colours and colour collections.

Q. Can I still pay monthly?
A. The ENP monthly payments by debit or credit cards are no longer available. You can of course use the widely available monthly finance options offered by Paypal and others.

Q. What are the shipping options available for new orders?
A. Orders over £30 are free. Small shipments are sent Royal Mail, 1 to 3 day delivery. Extra charges apply for next day, next day before 12 and Saturday delivery. The cut-off time for next day delivery is 12 noon.

Q. Can I buy products from Ebay and Amazon?
A. No, not at the moment. There are many counterfeit products on these platforms, none of which perform as well as our genuine product. This is under review at the moment, but we would urge all students to only buy from our website, thus ensuring delivery of a genuine product that we can support.

Q. If courses become available again, will the terms and conditions be the same?
A. No. We are looking into streamlining the courses to reduce costs, printing and posting.
Changes under consideration are:
a) Work will only be returned when resubmission is requested by our assessors. 
b) If graduates want work returning after passing the course, there will be an additional charge.
c) Certificates will be issued to graduates as a self print PDF and sent by email. There will be a charge for printed certificates sent by post.
d) There will be a time limit of 12 months for students to complete the courses. During this time support, assessment, resubmissions and certification are free. Thereafter, additional charges will be applied.

Q. Has the address changed? Where do I send my work?
A. No, our address is the same. Please send your completed course work to: Beauty Training International, Manor Road, Haverhill, CB9 0EP.